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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 5/22

Today on Guiding Light, Lizzie pleads with Bill to assure her that everything is going to be fine with her but he can't and stuns her with the news that he invited Ava to move in with him because of the baby.

At a board meeting, Bill offers to let Lizzie stay with the company if she drops the lawsuit but she refuses and vows a stockholder fight. Meanwhile, Remy can't convince Ava to move into the mansion with him and wonders aloud to Ava why Bill isn't helping her move in to his place.

Later, Bill stops by his place and finds it overflowing with Ava's things. Mallet warns Dinah that Jeffrey intends to continue with the investigation into Gus' cases so Dinah claims that she can handle Jeffrey.

She then welcomes Ava to the family and invites her to dinner at the mansion, insisting that she bring her father too. Playing catch outside the church, Rafe tells Mallet about the "512" dream and how he found the money in Gus' Cubs jacket.

Mallet wonders where the money came from. While Bill tries to drown his sorrows at the office, Remy brings Ava dinner. Mallet asks Dinah to leave Jeffrey alone. He then tells her about the cash Rafe found and wonders where Gus got it.

Afraid of the answer, Mallet explains to Dinah that he's got to "fix" Gus' life before he can fix his own. He also points out Frank would have seen this. Dinah promises him that she'll fix everything.

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