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Guiding Light
May 6, 2008 Recap

Today on Guiding Light,

Lizzie helps Bill pick out the right tie for his important Spaulding board meeting today. When he sends her out shopping, he convinces her that she shouldn't attend his takeover effort today.

Meanwhile, Rafe looks over Alan's shoulder as he finishes his computer work before the meeting. Finding her mother will be in the hospital for the rest of the day, Ava follows her mother's orders and attends the board meeting. Though she's upset to find the meeting room is not set up correctly, Bill urges her to make it right but then tells her she's not needed.

Alan urges Dinah to stop what she's doing before she embarrasses important people in Springfield. Hearing Olivia's in the hospital again, Natalia asks if there is a problem with Gus' heart.

Lillian assures her she's there for tests. When she stops in to see her, Olivia assures Natalia that she's taking care of "him." Remy confides to Lizzie that he actually likes Ava and feels a bit guilty about taking money from Lizzie to keep Ava away from her man.

Lizzie encourages Remy to go after Ava, calling him a "catch" if he would just get a regular job. Before the meeting, Bill assures Dinah that Lizzie will be onboard with their actions today. Meanwhile, Ava runs into Lizzie and leaks that Bill is betraying her at the meeting today, thanks to Dinah and the secrets Lizzie told Bill about her grandfather.

As the truth sinks in, Ava realizes she's hurt her rival and gloats about her success. Later, after the meeting, Lizzie angrily accuses Bill of sleeping with her to get her family's secrets and walks away.

Hearing him talk about how great a grandson he has in Rafe, Natalia urges Alan to forget about getting his business back and be happy with what he has. After a quick visit with Olivia, Alan finds Lizzie upset. She announces that it's time for them to get the company back.

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