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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 5/7

Today on Guiding Light ...

Bill lays into Ava for telling Lizzie about his takeover hopes for Spaulding. Ava plays innocent and claims Lizzie had a right to know.

She then claims she let the secret slip because of her mom but he calls her a liar. He hands her a check to cover her medical bills and tells her not to call him until the baby is born.

Remy finds Ava crying and she admits that it's over between her and Bill. Later, he stops her from drinking and takes her back to the Spaulding mansion where he tells her how beautiful she is.

The two start kissing and end up on the couch together. After insisting that she and Alan are equal partners, Lizzie makes arrangements to try to swing enough Spaulding votes to foil Bill's takeover. Hiding her tears, Lizzie confides to her mother that she and Bill ended things.

Beth invites her to move into the Bauer house with her. Finding him on a stakeout, Dinah confirms for Mallet that she and Bill are close to running Spaulding. However, she adds that it won't be as much fun without him.

She invites him back to her place for a special party tonight and when he turns her down, she hops into the back seat of his car and suggests he join her. Mallet laughs at the idea but turns her down.

As Alan moves his things out of Company, he offers Buzz a big check to cover his rent but Buzz tells him to keep his money. The two exchange favorite CDs and talk of instituting a regular poker game.

When Mallet arrives with Dinah for lunch, he offers to use his truck to help move Alan's things for him. Alan later decides that he's going to stay at the boardinghouse. Lizzie hands back the key to his place and tells Bill that "we're done."

Bill tries to convince her this is just a short-term problem but she says goodbye and walks away. Later, he calls her from outside the Bauer house but Beth emerges and tells him to go home.

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