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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 5.8.08

On today's Guiding Light, Harley, Buzz and the others get the place ready for the fundraiser for Gus' club for boys. Finding Natalia hesitant about being a part of the fundraiser, Frank assures her that they need her there to be a "pretty bartender."

Cyrus finds Harley's a wreck but she assures him that her nervousness will be gone and she'll be back to normal once this is over. But when she rushes home to change and spills something on her dress, she collapses on the bed and starts crying for Gus.

As Coop watches, Ashlee struggles to find the perfect dress to wear to the party. Finally, she tells him that she is too tired to go to the party and sends him on alone. When Daisy runs into her and asks what's wrong, Ashlee admits that she's tired of people being careful eating around her.

Daisy urges her to talk with Coop about the trapped feeling she has and then surprises her with a fake ID. The two use their IDs at the Towers. Later, Coop's not pleased to discover Ashlee's been drinking. Buzz and Frank both arrive at Natalia's door upstairs to bring her to the party.

She gives them three reasons not to attend but the men won't allow it. Dressed in a sexy outfit, Marina puts her foot in her mouth when she assumes Cyrus is no longer dating Harley.

She confesses that she still loves him but he interrupts and explains that while he's moved out, he and Harley have agreed to take it slowly. Marina runs off but Mallet takes her back to her place to get ready and is nervous when she insists he help unstuck her zipper.

As they argue about Cyrus, Mallet suddenly picks her up and kisses her. As they go at it on the couch, Frank arrives but Natalia pulls him away and thanks him for "distracting" her.

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Guiding Light
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