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Natalia asks Decker about the fund he discussed with Olivia, then quietly points out there is a million dollar minimum to invest. Decker offers to combine her $80K investment with his to make that benchmark.

Natalia thanks him.

Later, Olivia tells Decker she's passing on the investment opportunity. When Natalie mentions her investment, Olivia panics when she realizes Natalia isn't aware of the risk involved.

Ashlee's plan to frame Grady for her attack goes terribly wrong when a stranger grabs her and demands her money.

Grady ends up chasing the mugger off though Mallet hears Ashlee scream and assumes Grady mugged her. As he starts to handcuff him, Ashlee stops him and explains that it was actually Grady who rescued her.

However, she does leak to Daisy that she was trying to set up her boyfriend. Grady tries to convince Mallet that he's changed and enjoys being on the right side of the law.

Ashlee thanks him for his help. Daisy boasts to Buzz that she and Grady are back together. Lizzie asks her attorney to have the coat found in Bill's room thrown out as evidence.

Alan overhears her and warns her that she needs to rest. As they argue, Lizzie suddenly realizes that Alan wants Bill to be guilty and thus, he must be the person who is framing him.

He denies it. Lizzie seeks Cyrus' advice on what might happen next in the mind of someone trying to frame Bill.

Warned by Beth about Lizzie's capabilities, Alan heads to the station house where Lizzie finds him writing a confession as the kidnapper to try to throw the police off Bill's scent.

Lizzie stops him and apologizes for thinking so badly of him. Hearing what happened to her daughter, Doris decides to prosecute Bill to the fullest to show the thugs of Springfield how tough she is.

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