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Reva's in tears as Cassie refuses to reconsider leaving Springfield. Reva calls Jeffrey and urges him to convince her sister to stay.

Cassie explains her reasons for leaving to Josh just as Jeffrey arrives.

Supporting each other, the two men later warn Reva she won't change her mind. She insists they go back to Cassie and work on her some more but they refuse.

She then lays into Cyrus for what he's done and reveals that Cassie has decided it's time to leave time.

Though R.J. is uncertain how he feels about leaving Springfield, he's thrilled to hear they'll live in Hawaii.

While assigning Reva to watch R.J., Cassie approaches Cyrus at Company and accuses him of getting caught so she would give him the "shove-off."

Telling her it's not all about him, Cyrus insists that Tammy will always come between them. Later, Reva promises to call Cassie everyday.

Before leaving, Cassie brings flowers and a photo to Tammy's grave and asks for her guidance.

When Larry calls Bill a publicity hound and hints that he milked the kidnaping for all he could, Lizzie tells him to end the business partnership if he wants to.

Alan sends Larry away and then asks her how she handled the whole kidnaping. As she starts complaining that she was kidnaped for no reason, Dinah arrives and sees her lashing out at her grandfather.

Alone with her unconscious brother, Dinah blames her bad decisions on Bill's choice of Lizzie over her. Reminding her they're partners, Alan orders Dinah to turn Lizzie against Bill but she responds that he's on his own.

A guilt-ridden Dinah returns to the crashed van and starts crying.

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Guiding Light
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