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Dinah is shaken as Mallet boasts that he thinks there will soon be an arrest in the case. Upset to hear Grady doesn't know if Bill saw his face, Dinah insists that she wants her brother to live.

Grady counters that he is not going back to jail.

When he arrives at the station house, Mallet gets grief from Marina for running to Dinah after they close on the house instead of following her back so they can celebrate with some champagne.

Things get worse when they arrive at their new house and realize they're too late for the moving van which has left without unloading.

To appease her, Mallet asks her for ground rules where Dinah is concerned. Instead, Marina walks out just as Coop arrives with a housewarming 6-pack.

Though Mallet complains, Coop makes him see how lucky he is to have Marina. Buzz does the same for Marina who returns to Mallet so they can celebrate.

Finding her reading "Wuthering Heights" to an unconscious Bill, Alan urges Lizzie to get out and concentrate on the business, warning that their stock is plummeting.

She refuses to leave the hospital and later, assures Grady that once Bill wakes up, he'll be able to identify the kidnapers.

Showing Vanessa a favorite family photo he's taking to the hospital, Billy warns Vanessa that Bill was drinking before he found Lizzie.

Hearing a news report about the troubled business, Lizzie leaves Bill's bedside and makes an impressive speech at a press conference.

Afterwards, Decker congratulates Alan and points out Lizzie and Bill make a great pair.

Dinah's uncomfortable when Vanessa, Hilda, Billy and Ashley thank her for all she's done for Bill. Finding Bill's hospital room empty, Grady grabs a pillow and approaches.

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