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Rick urges Olivia to get to the hospital ASAP and lean on Natalia. Olivia is touched when Emma shows her latest work of art.

Remy's not happy when his mother insists on inviting him and Mel to lunch to wish him well on his upcoming MCAT.

Mel gives her brother some helpful advice, urging him to make sure he is ready for what lies on the road ahead.

Admitting he has some things in his past he's not proud of, Frank invites Remy to come back to work if he wants it.

He also encourages him to have faith in himself.

Reva's surprised when Josh shows at the door of the cabin. He assures her that Shayne is fine and is back in Bosnia.

Telling him that she doesn't have cancer and actually has a clean bill of health, Reva confesses that she's pregnant and Josh calls it a miracle.

While tracing Bill's steps from the ransom drop, Jeffrey finds a sealed plastic bag that contains blond hairs which he thinks belong to Lizzie.

Watching Jeffrey pick up an odd order of food for Reva, Olivia talks about her own cravings when she was pregnant with Emma.

She sadly admits she doesn't remember what she ate when she was carrying Ava. Bringing home "dinner," Jeffrey finds Josh hugging Reva.

She invites him to join them but Josh begs off and, as he leaves, he watches the happy couple laughing together.

Jeffrey reveals to Reva that Alan hired him to find a kidnapped Lizzie. Encouraged by Rick, Natalia blasts Olivia for not getting the help she needs.

Olivia asks Natalia to help with the hotel and, as they argue, she collapses.

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