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When Olivia's heart stops, Remy performs CPR but advises Natalia that it doesn't look good. Natalia returns with a defibrillator and Remy gets her heart going.

The two get her to the hospital where Rick takes over in the ER.

Mel's surprised to find his brother there and points out he should be taking the MCAT right now. Though he wants to wait and see how Olivia is, Mel insists he hurry across town to the testing center.

When Olivia wakes, Natalia assures her that Emma is fine and that she will be her assistant. Rick announces that Olivia needs surgery so they can install a pacemaker.

Remy arrives to take the test and meets Christina, a fellow test taker who flirts with him.

Jeffrey's surprised to find Reva dressed for an interview to be the Regional Director of the Cancer Society.

He reminds her she's pregnant but she insists on doing this.

Hillary's impressed to meet Reva and likes her drive to get involved but warns that if she's hired, she will be on call 24/7, calling it a "new life."

Reva realizes that she can't do this because she's pregnant.

After telling Billy about his visit with Shayne, Josh assures his brother that he's not bothered by Reva's pregnancy.

Finding him buying a gift for the baby, Jeffrey thanks Josh who reveals that he's no longer a reverend. He also asks Jeffrey if at his age he's ready to be a father again.

Reva advises Josh that she turned down the job offer because she couldn't leave Jeffrey alone to raise their baby.

Josh surprises her with the present after she guesses he's having trouble with her "condition." He leaves, warning her that he hopes she's right about Jeffrey.

After surprising himself by calling for back up, Jeffrey confides to Reva that he called for help after thinking about her and the baby.

She offers to be his "back up" from now on.

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