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Mallet suggests to Marina that they have some fun in her bedroom. Dinah has a nightmare in which Grady says he killed Lizzie.

Bill advises his sister that he's going on WSPR to plead for the kidnappers to release Lizzie. But he ends up threatening whomever took her.

Dinah takes over and suggests there is a chance for a "happy ending" but then worries when Mallet assures them both that the FBI are now involved.

Lizzie threatens to leave him in the sewer. Grady removes his ski mask and throws it to her. While he hides his face, Lizzie ties a rescue rope to a nearby tree.

As Grady starts to climb out, Cyrus surprises Lizzie from behind and covers her face with a hood.

He tosses her back into the nearby van and, warning that he's lost, orders his brother to get rid of her.

When a smitten Grady points out that Lizzie came back to help him, Cyrus claims she was doing it to help the police and offers to help him end this problem.

While they argue, Lizzie is touched to hear Bill's pleas for her on the radio. She blasts her captor for not letting her go after she rescued him.

Marina finds Cassie trying to pick the lock to Cyrus' house and offers to let her go if she'll tell all she knows about Cyrus.

Cassie lies to Marina that she and Cyrus had nothing to do with the stolen entertainment equipment. When she accuses her of being upset because she and Cyrus had sex once, Marina realizes that's why Harley dumped Cyrus.

Marina finds Mallet and announces that she doesn't care about the rules anymore and starts kissing him. Bill brings the money to the playground.

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