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Bill reveals he's invited his parents to come stay with him. Dinah overhears and complains to Grady.

He slips into the mansion and starts searching but when Roxie growls, he grabs her and sticks the dog in a nearby china cabinet.

Alan catches him there and invites him to have a drink but Grady backs off when Bill finds them together.

As Alan finds Roxie, Bill boasts that he's determined to teach Lizzie how to be a better business woman.

Alan counters that neither he nor his family members belong in his house.

Later, Alan warns Beth about getting rid of Bill. Over dinner, Dinah warns Vanessa that if she's helping Bill, there will be "consequences."

Grady then flirts with Vanessa. As Marina and Mallet paint the inside of Harley's house, Blake arrives and boasts that she's sold Harley's house to the Boudreaux family.

Marina is noticeably upset by the news.

Mallet suggests they have a family party there. Mel and Felicia surprise Remy at his messy motel room.

As Felicia chastises her son for failing to return any of Clayton's phone calls, Mel finds his MCAT study book and points out to their mother that he's going to take the test for med school.

Worried that he might not be up for it, Remy asks them both not to tell anyone. Mallet calls and lets Mel know about the sale of the house.

He invites her and her family to come to the house party.

Packing up over beer and mac and cheese, Buzz talks with the others about the house and how it was a family Cooper project.

Unable to take the sorrow, Marina walks out. Felicia realizes her loss and decides to cancel the sale of the house after all.

Mel and Remy are thrilled.

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