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Frank boasts to Cyrus that he has an eyewitness and that a new "three strikes" law may cost him many years in prison.

Cyrus denies taking the surround sound system.

Frank warns him to stay away from Cassie.

Eyeing the set of lock picks, Cassie stops by Company where Coop informs her that Cyrus was arrested for burglary.

Her reaction is that the police must have made a mistake. When Dinah and Grady hear the news, Dinah suggests this is payback for her ex-partner but then heads to the station house.

After sneaking a peek at his file, Dinah calls Grady about the witness, Tim Pandola. She then visits with Cyrus and boasts that his brother is working for her now.

Cyrus pleads with her to stay away from his brother.

Meanwhile, Grady manages to get in to have a little chat with Frank's eyewitness. Later, when Frank instructs his witness to pick out the burglar, Tim's unable to identify Cyrus.

Surprised, Frank's forced to release Cyrus who is summoned to Cassie's place. She hands him his lock picks.

Admitting the equipment is in her barn, he claims he stole the sound equipment because she complained about how loud the neighbor was.

Touched, Cassie gives him a key to her place.

Aiming to get back at him for hiring Susie, his attractive physical therapist, Lizzie interviews a handsome man as she looks for an assistant to help her.

Upset, Bill walks out.

Lizzie confides to Alexandra that she intends to get so involved with work that Bill will appreciate her.

Bill slips into Alan's hospital room and chastises the comatose man for turning Lizzie into his enemy.

As he vows to destroy his family, Alan's life support machines suddenly start beeping.

What happens next? Tune in next week to Guiding Light!

Guiding Light
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