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Natalia is disgusted to watch Doris on TV. Olivia spends time with Emma in the park and then meets Lawrence.

She accepts the offer to be the Galaxy Hotels "face," telling him she wants to be a good role model for her daughter.

Back at the Beacon, Olivia suffers a dizzy spell.

Ashlee and Daisy urge Doris to put Daisy on the new youth crime task force.

Daisy convinces Doris to move up Rafe's trial if she is a good fit for the committee. Confiding to Ashlee, Doris apologizes to her daughter for not accepting her decision to have the weight loss surgery.

She also tells Ashlee that she looks great.

Looking over her home equity loan papers from the bank, Buzz warns Natalia not to sign them.

After arguing about whether Harley should accept Clayton's offer on the house, Mallet guesses she's become attached to the place.

When Daisy explains her appointment to the task force, Marina won't allow it but Mallet urges her to change her mind and she can keep an eye on her.

Natalia gives a worried Daisy the latest news about Rafe and the beating he took in prison. After Natalia assures her that she accepts the friendship she has with her son, Daisy decides to act.

She grabs a file from Marina's desk drawer and reads about Trey Palmer, a drug dealer in her high school. Meanwhile, Natalia hears from her worried son and realizes there is only one thing she can do to protect him.

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