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Russo's secretary guesses Natalia's there to talk to her boss about his "bill." Lawrence greets Natalia. Rafe calls Buzz.

Buzz offers some well-appreciated advice. Boasting of her decision to be the Galaxy "face," Olivia asks Buzz to have champagne with her.

Olivia calls Lawrence about negotiating her contract with the hotel chain. Hearing he's with Natalia, she guesses what's happening but starts having trouble breathing. Buzz rushes her to the hospital.

Olivia eventually leaves the hospital and interrupts Lawrence as he's kissing a frightened Natalia.

Russo claims Rafe's case is unwinnable.

Natalia is outraged and storms out, later blasting Olivia for ruining her son's last chance for getting out of prison.

Hearing Rafe's case has been moved up, Natalia makes a call for a public defender.

Matt talks with Dinah about picking up Maureen from school later.

Dinah talks about how much fun she's had with the girl recently. After Daisy explains the "case" she's working on, she and Ashlee meet drug dealer Trey Palmer at the Towers where he claims he left Yale because it was boring.

Ashlee reluctantly leaves after Trey remembers that her mother is the mayor. She finds Mallet and Marina and warns them about Daisy's plans.

Catching her taking photos of him, Trey takes Daisy back to his place. Mallet and Marina find the place empty later.

The drug dealer forces Daisy to the basement where he pulls out a gun and a threatens to hurt Daisy if Mallet and Marina don't leave him alone.

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