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Reva breaks up the fight as Jeffrey trades punches with Josh over her. Jeffrey points out that Reva already has enough to worry about and she explains that she just found another lump.

She goes on to explain that Jeffrey knows because she has learned her lesson and tells Jeffrey everything. Reva privately asks Josh not to tell the kids until she gets the latest test results.

He apologizes and admits he doesn't belong there, asking if he can tell Billy. He advises Billy that their plan was dumb and that he has given up on Reva. He also mentions the lump that she found.

Billy helps comfort Josh as he worries about Reva. Remy opens up to Marina about how much he misses Ava but adds that he won't interefere with her treatment in Chicago.

Jeffrey and Reva find the wedding site has been demolished before they can tie the knot. As the wedding continues to fall apart, Frank warns everyone not to eat the potato salad because it sat out too long.

Buzz reports the minister was called away because of a family emergency while Coop explains that deer or groundhogs ate the cupcakes and other food.

With Remy as the Best Man and Lillian by Reva's side, Jeffrey conducts his own ceremony and marries Reva. Marina catches her bouquet.

At the church, Josh tells God that Shayne needs him so he's leaving town to help his son. He then stops by to give Cassie the word, admitting he needs to go away and figure things out.

At the hospital with Reva gone, Dr. Hendricks advises Jeffrey that there is no cancer but that Reva's pregnant.

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