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Has Adam Copeland always used his name with "WWE Superstar Edge" as part of it? I don't recall that being the case, but WWE Superstar Christian is guest starring, so perhaps that's why. Something tells me that doesn't bring in the guys in droves regardless.

William Shatner has Audrey hidden in what appears to be a mystical dollhouse.

He's blabbering about when she was a child, what she liked. Coffee and things. It's unclear whether or not he knows she's Audrey and not Mara. Just as I wonder that, Audrey taunts him with Mara's death. He knows that. He still wants her back.

Howard's back and chatting with Vince. Everything from the other place will be sucked back, including Croatoan. Audrey? Howard was compromised and can no longer serve as the Barn's controller.

Dwight and Nathan talk about Duke. He's probably lost forever. 

Croatoan said he had to kill Charlotte or it could have been terrible for them both. James, too, or else Lucy might have and she would have been sent home. He couldn't let that happen.

Nathan tries to reach Duke. Duke makes odd looks at Nathan from across the table. 

Howard can't seem to remember his real family, from when he was a man, and if he doesn't have the personal connection, he can't operate a new Barn.

Audrey and Croatoan chat. She stabs him in the throat and he breaks her arm. Regular father and daughter chitchat.

Shatner heals Audrey's arm because he's learned to master the Troubles, or Gifts, as he calls them. It's not the first time he's healed her, either, as he saved her life when she was a little girl. It's time he tells her the full story.

Meanwhile, Nathan wants to use a Trouble to do something with Duke. Whatever.


Vince is going to wind up being the new Barn controller. 

Shatner tells Audrey he was using aether to save Audrey because she was dying. He introduced it into her bloodstream. All that she is, the miracle that she's become, is all thanks to him. 

Duke is fighting the stuff.

Vince is fighting to be the thing.

More stuff.

There are still over 15 minutes to go and it feels like I've been watching for an eternity. God help us all.

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Haven Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

Audrey: You killed James, my son.
Croatoan: I had to. That's how much I love you.

Audrey: How could you call the Troubles work?
Croatoan: I understand why they frighten you, it's 'cause you're not seeing them clearly. You're not seeing their full potential, what they can accomplish. What you're seeing is the risks, the damage. It doesn't have to be that way.