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Eddie runs into traffic and McGarrett saves him. Leslie starts talking to Danny at a bar. They hit it off. McGarrett calls him to check about Adam. They have sex in the bathroom. He offers her a ride at her friend's house where she's staying. A texting teen drives at them and they end up going off the road. Dr. Emma Okino, who Steve dated then never called back, makes a house call. Leslie is badly injured in the crash. Danny decides to hike out since he gets no cell service. Dr. Okino said Eddie is showing signs of PTS. McGarrett tries to explain why he never called and it turns out that she's seeing someone anyway. Grover calls to refer Steve to an Army vet specializing in military dogs, Dr. Art Currin. Currin said it's PTS and that anything could have triggered it. He tells McGarrett to find what caused it and then remove it from his environment. He has Tani and Quinn investigate Eddie's first handler Bollinger who was killed in Afghanistan. Leslie's legs are pinned and her back has a puncture wound. Tani tells Quinn that she's worried about Junior on his secret SEAL mission. McGarrett questions Sgt. Michaels about the day Bollinger was killed. Danny tells Leslie he was in the bar because he and Rachel decided to be just friends. Quinn and Tani confer with Steve's neighbor, a botany professor. She has a purple flower just like the ones in the field where Bollinger died. She's going to move them to the university. Leslie is getting chills and is struggling to stay awake. Danny honks the horn, which is echoed by an oncoming truck. He uses the truck's radio and calls for help. Adam arrives at McGarrett's door. Leslie dies before the ambulance arrives. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 14 Quotes

Bartender: [Danny's] always like this.
Leslie: I'm sure he's always like this.

Danny: Are you the beverage police.
Leslie: Yes, I am. And I'm writing you up.