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A guy from Kamekona's high school days pays him a visit after his release from prison. We find out that Levi led him down the wrong path while they were still in school. Kamekona became a henchman for Levi in his  life of crime, to help his single mother with the bills.

We also see that he cooked the family breakfast every morning on a table top grill before he left for school so his little brother would have a good meal before he left.

Levi is up to his old ways again and tries to recruit Kamekona like the old days. He agrees to it, but only because he is working undercover for Five-0 to help bring him down. Unfortunately Levi also has Kamekona's little brother working for him. Levi tries to get the little brother to kill Kamekona for being a snitch but he kills Levi instead.

Steve and Danny go to Maui to what is supposed to be a partner workshop. Only to discover that Steve has signed them up for a couples course instead. They do learn some things about their relationship.

Adam gets a couple of visitors at the prison. The first one is Kono to fill him in on what's been going on with Gabriel. The second one is Gabriel himself. He wants something from Adam and is willing to kill Kono if he doesn't' cooperate. We didn't find out what it is he wants.


Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Kamekona: Flipper's still around.
Levi: Does he still look like a dolphin?
Kamekona: Brother's only working for me because Sea World isn't hiring.

Danny: Say, what is this Lorraine?
Lorraine: Oh that is an itinerary for the subjects we will be covering this week.
Danny: Because it says, "Overcoming your sexual incompatibility." Did you sign us up for couples therapy?
Steve: Whoops!

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