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McGarrett returns home to find blood on a door frame. He finds a bleeding Sang Min on his floor. Noelani comes to treat him. He tells McGarrett about an old friend. Xander, who told him about imported human cargo. Chin, Grover and Kono investigate and find Xander, the dead smuggler, who they figure out has smuggled bombmaker Desmond Abati onto Oahu. Abati's transit was paid for by Nadim Tahan, who is on a terrorism watch list. A map found on Xander shows a remote region circled, into which McGarrett and Danny skydive. They are captured by armed men, who march them into a camp with the missing uranium and Abati. They break free and overrun the camp, but Abati escapes. They find a bomb with an hour timer in a pickup truck. McGarrett decides to drive out the bomb. Abati shoots a cop and takes his patrol car. They discover the fuel line is leaking, so McGarrett repairs it. They reach a stream and build a bridge to get over it. Abati takes Sang Min hostage and demands to be gotten off the island. Sang Min leads Abati to a boat, then Kono kills him. McGarrett has to remove the uranium from the bomb to minimize the damage. Next they have to remove the bomb itself from the truck then drive away quickly. McGarrett rolls the truck, then they hide behind the engine block with the uranium canister for protection. Everyone gathers at Danny's for an Italian meal. Grover gets a call from HPD that 5-0 was the bomb's target. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Noelani: He's lost a lot of blood.
Sang Min: I didn't lose it. I've been sitting in it for hours, waiting for McGarrett to get back from dance class or something.

Danny: You invaded my privacy. I have a right to be upset, OK?
McGarrett: It's not snooping if something is out in the open. That's the rule.
Danny: There's no rule.
McGarrett: Are you serious? If it's not hidden, it's not forbidden. You've never heard of that?
Danny: No, I've never heard of it, because you just made it up.