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A DEA agent, Paul Lazio, is killed on a raid, with his drug-sniffing dog Eddie the only witness. Eddie is shot attacking Laziol's killer. Junior Reigns, a former SEAL, comes to McGarrett's house to ask for a job on the task force, but McGarrett said there's no opening. He and Danny argue over shipping New Jersey tap water for use in their restaurant's pizza dough. McGarrett tracks down Eddie, an Afghanistan veteran, in a shipping container. McGarrett and Danny suspect an ambush. Lazio's informant is a drug addict turned soccer mom. Danny and Tani are checking containers looking for the drugs. McGarrett and Grover find the informant's dealer dying of a drug overdose. DNA from Eddie's mouth leads to Jesse Berman, who just left the docks with a truckload of cargo. They catch up to the truck, then Tani takes out three shooters in the back and the driver, leaving Berman running through the forest, where he is shot by DEA Agent Reid. The truck is loaded with vine, which Tani suggests is laced with cocaine. The wine was headed to Roger Niles' restaurant, but Niles is gone when McGarrett and Grover get there. The wine turns out to be the biggest drug bust in Hawaiian history. Junior washes McGarrett's truck. McGarrett tells him to come back the next day. Berman was executed by Reid. who steals the wine from the evidence warehouse, killing two DEA agents. Jerry finds a commercial property Niles owns that might be the drug-processing plant. Eddie helps Five-0 search for the drugs. They take down the operation, then Eddie attacks Reid, whose gun had run out of bullets. McGarrett tells Junior he has to graduate from the policy academy before he can join Five-0. Eddie, who is staying with McGarrett, disappears and is found lying at his master's grave site. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Danny: I miss those guys [Chin and Kono].
McGarrett: I know. Me too. Now who's the sensitive little flower?

McGarrett: I'll use my veto on this.
Danny: You don't have a veto.