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Tani and Junior are undercover as prospective parents applying at a private academy. They're investigating the disappearance of a much-hated headmaster, Anthony Waller. Danny is stressing over the restaurant, but his Uncle Vito tries to talk him down. Adam was kidnapped by Hideki Tashiro because he thinks Adam has his father's missing $20 million that former Yakuza boss Michelle Shioma stole. He's brought in Jessie to make Adam tell where it is. Adam tells Hideki he'll take him to the money. Vito leaves Kamekona in charge of the work crew at the restaurant. Tani and Junior go to the school auction to pick up gossip about Waller. Eric finds an email that was deleted in which he was trying to get Helen Meech, the admissions director, fired. Tani and Junior bring her in for questioning. Vito is trying to get the restaurant's liquor license expedited, without success, and gets arrested for bribery. McGarrett brings in Eddie to find the headmaster's body. McGarrett uses a jackhammer on the foundation of the new gymnasium, and finds the body and the murder weapon. The gun belongs to Jared Barton, who was building the gym. He's arrested with a bag full of money. Barton has been using the project to launder money. He admits that he killed Waller, and that he's laundering money for a Venezuelan drug cartel. He wants his family protected in exchange for telling what he knows. Adam finds a strongbox with a gun in it. It was used in a murder by a rich businessman, and his father buried it as insurance. Barton's wife and daughter were abducted by the cartel, to get their money back. Five-0 takes out the cartel members at the exchange. Barton's wife killed Waller, but McGarrett can't prove it. Adam calls McGarrett and lets him know what happened.  

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

Grover: {Samantha's] already blown through her monthly allowance.
Tani: Good beer ain't cheap.

McGarrett: Are you picking up on the chemistry that's going on?
Danny: It's like they're married.