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The Hellcats bid video did not earn them a free ride to Sectionals/Nationals so they decide to have a date auction to raise money. Marti is bought by her law partner Morgan, Savannah by her ex-boyfriend Noah (which was set up by her mother), and Vanessa is bid on by an anonymous bidder who turns out to be Derrick.

Savannah suspects Marti is up to something with a guy, who she thinks is Morgan. Marti and Lewis fool around in the gym and almost get caught by Vanessa. They are enjoying the sneaking around but Marti says she needs time to figure out what they are actually doing.

Savannah wears a racy dress and pretends to be out of control so it will get back to her mother. Noah knows she is acting and asks about getting back together. Savannah goes to see her mom and discuss her date with Noah. She explains that she is happy now.

On Marti and Morgan’s date, they discuss the strikes case and Marti decides to let him help her with the case.

Marti and Savannah talk about their relationship problems and how scared they are. She admits to Savannah that it is Lewis who she has been sneaking around with, and Savannah says she is scared of the unknown with Dan.

Marti goes into the dorms and kisses Lewis in front of everyone, finally admitting that they are dating.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Let's just take one step at a time, not worry so much.


Like you have ever had someone stick around for breakfast.

Dan [to Alice]