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Lynn Reed successfully recovers the Prince's phone logs before receiving a ridiculous necklace as a gift.  She trades the device with Carrie before heading out to her next event for the Prince.  Carrie and her staff find nothing relevant on the phone.  While at the club event for the Prince, his henchman tells Lynn she needs to go meet the Prince's friend.  When she does, Lynn is murdered and her new necklace is stolen.


The Henchman set up the murder, sold the necklace for $400,000 and we are to assume gave it to Abu Nazir to finance a house in the United States for his operation.


Meanwhile Brody continues to struggle with civilian life, but takes a turn at being a good father to his daughter.  He confides in her, and she soon confides in her mom that she knows Jessica has been in a relationship with Mike.

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