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Carrie and Saul identified Tom Walker’s contact in D.C., only to discover that he has diplomatic immunity. They must tread lightly, or risk triggering an international incident. When a sure-fire technique for turning the diplomat proves ineffective, Carrie must improvise a solution to get him to cooperate. She uses his daughter as leverage to get the diplomat to cooperate.  When he goes to meet Walker, it is a homeless man with a bomb that explodes in a crowded area of D.C.


Meanwhile, Brody has been approached to run for disgraced congressman Richard Johnson’s seat in the House of Representatives. Jessica rails against the idea – the family has been through so much already. If Brody means to signal to Abu Nazir that he is on board for his deadly assignment, he must convince his family that running for public office is the best thing for everyone, so he enlists Mike to convince Jessica and he does.

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