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The CIA is reeling after losing Hamid and Faisel, key players in Abu Nazir’s plot against America. Fearing a double agent in his midst, Estes orders polygraph tests on everyone who came in contact with Hamid – including Brody. Carrie believes Brody’s subconscious will betray the secret he’s so far been able to keep: that he slipped his former captor a razor blade and orchestrated his death to keep him quiet.


Meanwhile, tensions between Brody and Mike reach a boiling point at the memorial for Tom Walker, when the conversation turns to what happened on the home front during those eight lonely years of Brody’s captivity. And would-be terrorists Aileen and Faisel discover that the CIA isn’t the only force hunting them down.  A bomb waiting for them at a safe house, followed by Faisel getting shot in their hotel leaves Aileen on the run by herself.

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