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Brody gets into Iran and is questioned. Javadi is persistent, but goes easy on him. Akbari questions the approach, but agrees with Javadi that Brody's been through enough. Javadi suggests that Akbari meet with Brody and determine his intentions in person. They set up a meeting.

Carrie with Mossad's help are ready to get Brody out after her kills Akbari. The plan gets changed up with both Akbari and Brody leave their locations to meet at a third spot. When Brody arrives he sees Akbari but they never meet. Instead, Akbari has Brody meet with Abu Nazir's widow. Brody lived with her for two years. Brody bonds with her over their losses.

Brody leaves and makes a statement about wanting asylum in Iran. He also gets rid of the poison. Instead of leaving Iran, Brody remains and speaks out in the press making anti-American comments.

The President wants Brody removed in order to protect Javadi's cover. Saul tells Carrie to get home and order the hit on Brody. Carrie refuses to give up on Brody and makes contact. He refuses to come in. He doesn't have anywhere to go. She spots the hit team and warns him.

Brody escapes and gets a meeting with Akbari. The CIA isn't sure if he's going to reveal Javadi's role or not. When Brody gets there, he tells Akbari about Javadi, the CIA, and why he's there. He ratted out the CIA in retribution for trying to kill him. Akbari tells Brody about how he first heard about the Marine from Nazir.

Brody realizes that Nazir and Akbari played him from the beginning and Brody kills Akbari. He calls Carrie for help getting out.

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Homeland Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

By the grace of God, I am here to seek asylum. This is the only place in the world where I can find peace.


Abu Nazir's Widow: What do you want here?
Brody: I want to stop running.