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Brody and his team has made it to Iraq. Overnight, Brody's going to enter Iran and ask for asylum. The plan hits some snags when their first crossing is blocked and then local police interrogate them while they are in a holding pattern. The team covering them take out the local police and Brody's team heads for the back-up crossing location.

When Brody and his partner are heading to the border, they run over an mine and the truck is split in half. They both survive, but Iraqi forces head towards the explosion. When they are getting extricated, Brody refuses to leave. He wants to complete the mission and cross over to Iran.

Carrie tries to talk him into leaving, but she isn't able to convince him. He believes she'll find a way to get him back out. After being captured with an American posing as Al Qaeda, they come face-to-face with Javadi. Brody asks for asylum. Javadi kills the American and asks Brody if he's ready to go to Tehran.


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Homeland Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Here at the Agency we call that recruiting.


Saul, you had some bad luck. I'm sorry.