Hung Up - Hooten and The Lady
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Hooten is held at gunpoint in Bolivia, threatened by a gangster he owes money to. Lady Alex calls just in the nick of time, telling Hooten about a legendary scroll supposedly written by Buddha himself. Hooten uses this information to extricate himself from his situation, but one of the gangster's henchmen, Hidlago, accompanies Hooten to make sure the debt will be paid.

Lady Alex, Hooten, and Hidlago arrive at Bhutan in the Himalayas. 

The gang meets Penny, curator of the Bhutan Museum, and she tells them more about the story of the missing scroll of Buddha. Penny leads them to an old lady, who has an ancient parchment which supposedly reveals the location of a temple that houses the scroll.

The old lady agrees to show Hooten the parchment, but only if he drinks some tea first. Hooten drinks the tea and the old lady gives Hooten the parchment. The old lady collapses after telling Penny she poisoned Hooten's tea to make sure he returns with the scroll.

Lady Alex, Hooten, and Hidalgo start their trek in the mountains, as Hooten begins to exhibit symptoms from the poison.

They come upon an old rope bridge, and barely make it across. The gang finds a cave for shelter, and Alex attempts to solve the puzzle of the parchment. She discovers a secret map within the parchment, and they set off to the location.

As they find the temple, Hooten's symptoms get worse, and he becomes blind.

Despite Hooten's problems, they discover a way into the temple.

Hidalgo finds a chest of jewels, and leaves with the chest, abandoning Hooten and Lady Alex. As he leaves, the doorway to freedom closes, locking them inside the temple.

As Hooten nears death, Alex figures out to use another poison, belladonna, to cure Hooten. It works.

Lady Alex finds the scroll, and they use the words to help them escape.

On the way back to town, Lady Alex asks Hooten about the name Ben he said in his delirium. He said it was the name of his son, who he lost awhile ago, along with the child's mother.

Back at the village, Alex gives the scroll to Penny. Hooten comforts the old lady before she dies. 






Hooten and The Lady
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Hooten and The Lady Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

No mas shooty Hootey.

Hooten [to Hidalgo]

Lady Alex: I was brought up to wash my hands after I used the lavatory.
Hooten: I was brought up not to pee on my hands.