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Annalise found out that she was facing criminal charges for the fire, but they would not reveal who. 

When we went two weeks back, Wes lied that Mahoney's son was at the scene of the crime, but this was later refuted when it was revealed that he had an alibi. 

The Keating 5 verbally attacked Annalise for everything she has done to them over the years, but Bonnie jumped to her defense. Wes refused to say anything to her. 

Nate later told Wes to look out for Annalise because she will destroy him. 

The case of the week involved a family at war over who tried to kill their mother, but it was revealed the mother had tried to kill herself after hacking emails between her offsprings. 

Frank caught Wes and Laurel having sex and went to Bonnie, but Bonnie was not impressed and threw him out. He later returned to Laurel's apartment just as she was telling Wes she loved him. 

Oliver continued to date Thomas, but Thomas bailed when he learned Oliver was HIV positive. Oliver then pursued Connor and he took him back, but they were caught having sex in Michaela's bed. 

It was revealed that Wes was the one giving evidence against Annalise. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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