A Defection - Incorporated
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Show opens with an Inazagi propaganda video aimed at children, encouraging them to rat out anyone who speaks ill of the corporation.

Ben's HR contact tells him that one of the sex workers was killed, but doesn't know if it was Elena. 

Flashback to six years ago, where Ben reconnects with Elena. 

Elizabeth and Julian are questioned by a board member about the security breach, and they tell their boss that Peterson acted alone and the case is closed.

Inazagi executive Walters tells Elizabeth, "I have miles to go before I sleep," tipping Elizabeth off that she may be a defector from Inazagi.

Elizabeth brings in Ben's team to work out the possible defection of Walters to Spiga, and Ben suggests using the dead sex worker as a body double for a switch.

Laura comes home to find her Red Zone housekeeper being arrested for stealing bacon from the household. Laura gives the police the bacon as a bribe, saving the housekeeper from punishment.

Walters meets Elizabeth in secret to negotiate a defection. Walters tells her that Inazagi has developed a new seed that will ruin Spiga. Walters motive is that she is pregnant, and doesn't want her child indoctrinated.

The twist is that Inazagi has injected her with a kill switch in her blood that will terminate her pregnancy if she tries to escape. It it up to Ben and his team to figure put a way to protect her baby so she can defect.

Ben talks his way into the extraction plan, enraging his nemesis Roger. Roger goes to the Red Zone in an attempt to crack the keyhole/phantom mode gizmo he stole from Ben.

In a flashback, Ben save Elena from a brainwashing event.

Present day, and Ben is too late to see who the body of the sex worker is: her face was already changed to match Walters.

The Red Zone hacker agrees to disable the keyhole with a skeleton key if Roger catches a rat in an alleyway. 

Laura's maid tells her that she was stealing the bacon for money to help a neighbor's sick child. Laura agrees to see the girl.

Elizabeth injects Walters with a toxin to temporarily kill her, and Ben switches the body. 

Roger kills the rat and demands the keyhole hack. The hacker won't do the hack unless Roger eats the dead rat. 

Laura tries to help the girl, but there is a horde of Red Zoners and can't.

Ben gets the personal effects of the dead sex worker and finds Elena's ring. 

In a flashback, Ben takes Elena to a private place for some good ol' fashioned scream therapy. They kiss.

Roger eats the rat and vomits. The hacker gives him the cracked keyhole device. 

Ben, who now assumes Elena is dead, tells Laura that he will forego the promotion and move forward with their attempt to have a child.

Ben gives Theo Elena's ring, and it plays a video. In the video Elena says that when her contract is up her mind will be erased.

Roger unlocks the keyhole, and sees the video of Elena.

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Incorporated Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

If you hear something yucky, tell Officer Bucky.

Inazagi Corporation propaganda video

We have miles to go before we sleep.