Loyalties Are Tested - Into the Badlands
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Sunny arrives at Waldo's bunker, arming himself for his fight for Veil and Henry.

Waldo show his disgust at The Widow's past actions, telling her he's done with her.

The Widow offers Waldo a barony, as long as he answers to her.

Quinn gives his clippers a speech before their battle wit  Sunny.

Lydia tries to tell the clippers the truth, but Quinn takes her into custody, vowing to kill her.

The Widow tells MK that Bajie only cares about getting possession of the book.

The Widow demands that Bajie translate the book, or die trying.

Sunny save Lydia from death at the hands of Quinn's clippers.

Bajie talks to Tilda about The Widow while both are in captivity.

Odessa rescues Tilda and Bajie.

The Widow makes a deal with MK. If he gets his gift back and fails to kill her, then he belongs to her.

Odessa, Bajie, and Tilda escape, with Waldo's help.

Sunny arrives at Quinn's bunker, and takes on wave after wave of Quinn's clippers.

Quinn fires a flaming arrow into a wall of explosives, burying Sunny in rubble.

Bajie arrives, and rescues Sunny.

Bajie and Sunny fight more clippers in an insane battle, but they kill them all.

Sunny finally finds Veil, and they have an intense, romantic kiss.

Sunny takes on Quinn in a life and death battle.

It appears Sunny has killed Quinn, but he rises up sudden;y, and hold a knife to Veil.

Veil grabs the knife and stabs herself all the way through her body into Quinn, killing him

Sunny shares one last kiss with Veil as she dies.

Sunny buries Veil, and leaves with Henry.

Bajie rides Sunny's motorcycle to a mysterious tower.

Inside the tower, he uses the book and the compass to activate a console. The compass points to a yellow pattern, which Bajie activates on the control panel. Then red, then blue. The console springs to life, lighting up.
Bajie collapses, and says, "Azra. Azra."

A signal seems to be being sent out from the tower at the end.




Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Quinn: Let her dig her own grave before you execute her. She deserves that courtesy.
Lydia: I will live long enough to see Sunny slit your throat.

Waldo: Where's Tilda?
The Widow: We parted ways.
Waldo: Just tell me she's still alive.
The Widow: God, what kind of a mother do you think I am?
Waldo: I don't know what I think you are anymore. First you betray Veil, then Sunny, now you own regent? You and Quinn deserve each other. I'm done.