Kumite - Iron Fist Season 3 Episode 8
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Colleen and Danny continue to train together. Colleen believes Danny is physically ready but doesn't think his emotional state is ready, as he always reacts first with his fist.

They receive a tip about Chen Wu's car and go to investigate. It leads them to Mrs. Yang's house. Danny leads them to safety while Colleen fights off Chen and then she escapes with Danny.

Walker discovers the video from Mary but is confused when Mary thanks her for saving them in Sokovia. She goes to a doctor to ask about this, and the doctor wonders if she has a third persona. She denies this, but in Sokovia, all the men were left dead and neither Mary nor Walker knew what happened.

Joy continues to visit Davos while Davos trains the teenage gang. BB is unhappy how things are going, and Joy picks up on this. After Davos leaves with the teenagers, Joy recruits him to find the copper bowl as Joy continues to pretend that she is on Davos' side.

Joy also calls Ward and asks him to reclaim the warehouse that Davos is occupying. Davos goes to confront Mr. Yip, telling the teenagers to ask for forgiveness. Davos promises Mr. Yip free protection but when Mr. Yip denies any involvement with the triads, Davos kills him. One of the teenagers kills a dissenting teen, and Davis swears to remove all cancer from the city. Back at the warehouse, Joy distracts Davos as Bb retrieves the bowl and escapes with it.

Colleen brings Danny to the cages where she used to fight and they play a fighting game -- if Danny wins, he is emotionally ready to face Davos. After he wins, he immediately leaves, distressed. He tells Colleen that if the Iron Fist should be removed from Davos, Colleen should have it because all of his efforts have been focused on getting the Iron Fist rather than what really matters in life.

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Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Colleen: If we take the power out of Davos it has to go somewhere. Someone has to hold the Fist.
Danny: I know. I think it should be you.

I need something that says, "Sorry I'm the asshole that got you knocked up and then fell off the wagon in front of you." What do you recommend?