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A hurt pregnant woman, Emily Sparrow, dies of exposure and shock in the woods, but her baby survives.

Her parents are convinced her boyfriend Dylan is responsible, but there is no evidence. Liv eats her brains to help with the case.

While visiting the baby in the hospital, Liv has a vision of Emily's parents being aggressive with her and her boyfriend. 

Babineaux interrogates Dylan, who tells them about dogs barking when Emily went missing. Major calls trying to get him to refocus on the missing kids case.

Major decides to work with Rebecca, a reporter, to try to find them, which gets Babineaux in trouble at work.

Lowell visits the morgue so that Ravi can get samples from him, and his new brain meal makes him super interested in Ravi's research. He seems less interested in Liv, which puts her on edge.

At the precinct, Babineaux realizes that the Sparrows owned the land where Emily was found. He and Liv investigate their cottage, and they find a cradle and hear dogs barking.

Mr. Sparrow locks them in, but when he finds out it's Babineaux he lets them out and they turn their investigation elsewhere.

Liv and Lowell have an adorable date, made even more adorable by the fact that their 'romance' is temporarily put on hold because Lowell has eaten the brains of a gay man, and is therefore not interested in her. 

The man from Liv's vision turns out to be the husband of a dog catcher, and another vision hints that there are more girls being held captive. 

Major trails on of Blaine's thugs and finds brains in his car. He's arrested before he can find out more than a name, Julien.

At the dog catcher's house, Babineaux and Liv start a stake out, but they're shot at as soon as they pull up.

The captain shows up to help, but he gets shot in the scuffle. He zombie rages out and kills both suspects. Liv rescues the kidnapped girls, who reveal that the couple intended to turn them into sister wives and human sacrifice. 

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Babineaux: I've created a monster.
Liv: Yeah, someone beat you to the punch on that.

Please let this conversation end with you cutting the crusts off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.