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Jane and Xo are still not on speaking terms. This causes a problem with Mateo's schedule, so Michael volunteers to help. When Rafael comes to get Mateo, Mateo calls Michael "Dada" right in front of him. Rafael wants to make sure he gets more time with his son. Michael and Jane discuss his place in Mateo's life. Michael wants to be more than just a babysitter. Some mysterious person takes photos of Michael. 

Jane and Xo's falling out makes Rogelio spring into action. He orchestrates an entire storyline in his show for Xo and Jane to see how they can't be without one another. This makes Jane and Xo resolve their fight, and Xo cries when she sees Jane in her wedding dress.

Jane fears her advisor will never like her or her writing. She tries to make changes to her story that will please the advisor, but still worries she won't complete it by deadline. Jane makes the deadline and is invited back to the program the following year.

Rafael worries about the five million dollars he received due to insider trading, but decides to use the dirty money to buy another resort with Petra. 

Petra gets to know her sister, who she discovered was put into an orphanage by their mother. Petra decides to keep her around despite her strange personality. Unbeknownst to Petra, her sister seems to be developing a bit of a crush on Rafael.

Rogelio ends up kissing Dina, who helped him with the storyline that brought Xo and Jane back together.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Michael: Don't "what list" me. I know there's a list of instructions you're dying to send me. Just email them to me. I want to do this right. The more detailed, the better.
Jane: You're really turning me on right now.

Narrator: And friends, that's when Mateo said his first word.
Mateo: Dada.
Narrator: Unfortunately, he said it to the wrong man.