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The Villaneuva women are living at the Marbella after their house gets flooded. Jane and Michael begin house hunting, and find a place they love, but it's thirty minutes away. Rafael doesn't like the idea of being that far away from Mateo. Petra tells Rafael to get over himself, and Rafael agrees to Jane and Michael moving away. However, Jane has a change of heart and decides she wants Mateo close to his father. When Jane and Michael discover a great place in their price range, they have to compete with other people for it. They write a passionate letter to the owner stating their case. The realtor calls and says they got it. Little do they know that Petra is the home owner who approved them.

Jane clashes with Rogelio over the size of her wedding. Jane wants to keep it very small, but Rogelio wants to throw a massive party and invite all his celebrity friends. After listening to Xo, Jane agrees to keep the ceremony small, but then have a big reception. 

Jane and Rafael show concern about Petra's behavior. Jane takes her to a class she took after having Mateo. The head of the group wonders whether Petra has postpartum. Petra is at first upset, but then realizes they were just concerned. Before she can see a doctor, she needs to figure out if her mom had postpartum. She visits Magda in prison, who tells her she isn't fit to be a mother and to give up the babies. Petra looks to have taken the bad advice to heart as she packs a bag.

Alba and Pablo begin to move forward too quickly in their relationship when Pablo proposes. Alba accepts much to the skepticism of Jane and Xo. However, the engagement is called off after Xo and Jane catch Pablo with another woman. Alba is sad, but realizes it's time for her to get out into the dating world.

Michael questions Rafael's brother, Derek, at the police station. Rafael shows up and gets into an arguement with Michael. When Derek says he is leaving Miami, Rafael encourages him to stay. After Derek agrees, it's revealed that Rafael is still working with Michael to see what Derek knows about their mother. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Every time God closes a door, he opens up the opportunity for a much bigger wedding venue.


Petra: After everything Jane's done, starting with having Mateo in the first place after your sister knocked her up, and you can't tolerate a small commute to let her live in her dream house? Get over yourself, Rafael, and find a way to make it work!
Narrator: And so, just as Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead, Petra Solano went to the mat for Jane Villaneuva on this day in the year of our Lord, 2016.