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As Jane and Michael prepare for their engagement party, she is devastated to learn Michael's parents do not want him to marry her. She broke his heart once, and they are convinced she will do it again. Jane wants their approval so badly she events drives more than 100 miles to beg them to come to the party. When Jane shows up to the party late. Michael's parents say they would only go to the wedding for Michael's sake. Jane comes to terms with the fact that not everyone is going to like her.

Jane gets her new advisor. Professor Donaldson isn't impressed with Jane's writing and wants to make sure it passes the Bechdel test. The narrator makes sure to comment with the show is passing or failing said test.

Jane also lends a supportive ear to Rogelio, who was finally saved from Lola thanks to Michael. Rogelio struggles with opening up about his traumatic experience, but eventually breaks down in front of Jane. 

Rafael gets to know his half-brother and decides to stop helping Michael with his investigation. Rafael also worries how little time Petra is spending with their daughters. He urges her to spend one night with him, so they can bond with the babies.

Alba explains to Jane and Xo why she believes Pablo is cursed. When he arrives, bad things slowly begin to happen. Alba accepts a date with him and they share a passionate dance and kiss. As this is happening, a water pipe bursts through the ceiling of the Villanueva home.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Enough! This is not some other guy's kid. This is Mateo, and I love him, and I love Jane way too much to be putting up with this disrespect.


Jane: If he doesn't respond, then there's something definitely wrong.
Narrator: Something is definitely wrong. God, this is frustrating.