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Robert Quarles wants to head back home to Detroit, but Theo Tonin needs $500,000 in order to allow it.  Quarles steals a van and takes a couple of kids as hostages.  He then grabs Raylan at gun point, and takes them all to Limehouse to get money.  Before Quarles can get his hands on the money that poured out of Limehouse's pig, Errol shoots him, and then Ellstin cuts his arm off with a butcher knife.


Quarles reveals that Arlo shot Trooper Tom, so Raylan takes him in.  Arlo admits to it, and takes the blame for murdering Devil, which allows Boyd to walk.  Arlo said that he did both to protect Boyd, and when he shot Trooper Tom, he just saw a "man in a hat."

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Justified Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Boyd: Well I guess we best both sleep with one eye open.
Limehouse: I always do.

I heard that a cop in a hat got shot...guess it wasn't you.

Arlo (to Raylan)