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Nurse Lance cut Dewey Crowe open, and told him that he took out his kidneys.  Lance told him to go get $20,000 for him before Dewey's body shut down from kidney failure.  Dewey ran all over town looking for cash, but couldn't find any.


By the time Raylan found Dewey, the fugitive was ready to die.  Raylan told him to pee, to make sure the man actually took his kidneys.  It turned out that he never took them.


Raylan figured out that a female nurse from the ICU had something to do with it so he paid her a visit.  Nurse Lance was there and knocked Raylan out and prepared to cut him up as well.  Nurse Layla from the ICU shot Lance and was ready to kill Raylan, before he shot her first.


Boyd paid a visit to Tanner, who was the last call on Devil's phone.  Johnny gave him a beat down and they told him it was a message to his boss.  Quarles then came to see Boyd, and said they would work better as partners.

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Justified Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Cop: You really think a male nurse is gonna go Butch and Sundance in a motel room?
Raylan: Just Butch.

I'm done trying to change who you are.