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Kevin freaks out about Dave disappearing. 

Yvette distracts him by dressing him in a new suit and getting him a ferrari for his date with Kristin. While on his date, Kristin admits that she likes how open that he is now. 

Kevin can't enjoy his date because he keeps hearing a loud alarm ringing every time someone opens an interview. He has to call it quits early. 

Amy thinks she hears someone in the house. Yvette is afraid that she may be reappearing without meaning too, but Amy doesn't see her after all. 

The security guard, Becky, is fired, in part because of the senior prank happening on her watch. 

The new security guard is a former retired officer who is trying to help his granddaughter pay her way through nursing school, so Kevin feels bad about trying to get Becky's job back. 

Becky tells Kevin that she designs things, but she has never been able to make a successful product. 

Amy thinks that there are rodents in the house. Reese thinks it's a ghost. Amy puts cameras up all throughout the house. 

Becky and Tyler brainstorm an idea about spiraled ham actually being spiraled. 

Kevin wonders if Yvette is on the fritz when she doesn't stop him from being hit in the forehead with a dart in time. She proves she isn't through various acts, but he wonders why she can't find Dave. She tells him that she can't feel Dave anymore. 

Kevin suggests she consult with the other warriors of God. 

Amy offers to help Becky build a prototype for her spiral maker. 

Yvette tells Kevin that she has been lying about getting injured. She also tells him that she thinks Dave is dead. Kevin talks to Kristin and asks her how to help a grieving friend. Kristin gives advice about doing things that remind her of the person she lost. 

Yvette overhears it and acts on it when the gang head to a product convention to show off Becky's new product. 

Yvette tries to help out at the event, but she loses control of her powers. 

Becky realizes she needs to go to school. She and Tyler hit it off and kiss. 

Kevin and Yvette take a joy ride in Dave's honor. When he returns home, the lights are out, but it's a prank to scare him. When Reese and Amy go back to watch the footage of their prank, they see flickering of Yvette. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

I always sensed that you were holding back a part of yourself, but now, you seem so open.


Oh, I know what you're doing. You're trying to distract me. Just put a shiny thing in front of Kevin's face and...ohh, Ferrari!