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Carolyn is iin a waiting room where the receptionist is fucking with her.

The woman wants to end Project Mandalay after two cockups. She's raging about getting screwed in the ass until it bleeds and other funnisms, but Carolyn assures her everything is going according to plan.

At a museum, Villanelle is bored out of her gord until she comes to a painting about torture.

Eve and Jess are on their way to an interview chatting about which Doctor Who companion is the best. Rose, says Eve.

They're meeting with the son of the dude who The Ghost murdered. They're selling the company. He's a bit cocky, as we already know. Several of his father's friends and colleagues died over the last year, but Mr. Peel is a pain in the ass. He calls in a lawyer when Eve asks what portions of the company are for sale.

Then he goes on to say that with companies like his, the fate of places like MI5 are done.

After getting annoyed at a passerby who thinks she's incredibly fashionable, Villanelle watches a couple with a baby while she writes Eve a postcard featuring the painting she liked.

Villanelle doesn't like being told what to do, and she asks Konstantin about his daughter. He thinks Villanelle has gone a little soft, so she trips a woman trying to walk behind her.

Just as Jess and Eve are discussing Mr. Peel and whether he might have killed his father, the body of Alistair's secretary is found. She's the woman Villanelle just visited.

Jess is hilarious.

Eve can feel there is something slightly off about the murder of his secretary, but she's not putting her finger on it.

Villanelle is dressed like a giant pig in German dress.

A man is picking on the whores when he sees Villanelle the pig stroll buy. He's ridiculously enticed. He takes off his clothes as if he's good looking and laughs and snorts when Villanelle cuffs him. She's setting up the murder. She opens the curtains to the street. He doesn't want this, he says. She pulls him feet first toward the ceiling and starts begging. She's having a great time playing to the crowd. It's the man from the street earlier!

His wife is outside in the crowd. He's screaming that he'll kill Villanelle while she goes ahead and guts him. The crowd goes wild. She finishes and does a curtsy by the window.

When Eve gets home, Nico introduces her to Jordan. Jordan is their new security guard. He's also sitting at the dinner table waiting to get fed.

Eve forgot to tell Nico about the protection detail. he wonders if it is about Villanelle and if that's what the scene at the school was all about. She's irate at Nico's questions. Nico says this new Eve is not the woman he loves. She's unkind and gaslighting him into thinking that having security is OK when it's not.

Konstantin is kind of annoyed Villanelle didn't enjoy herself. She doesn't like working with scorned wives and cheating husbands. 

Somehow, the postcard for Eve got sent to Carolyn instead of Eve. She pockets it and makes a call.

Aaron Peel decided not to take them up on protection. Bye Aaron.

Carolyn asks Jess about Amsterdam and to go check on the murder. Carolyn doesn't want to share any more information with Eve than absolutely necessary and spits at her for wondering if it's Villanelle.

Villanelle is in her hotel room not watching television. She heads to the red light district to watch the festivities. 

There was a nerve agent on the secretary's fingers and on her lip. It wasn't mustache bleach. Eve is finally excited again. She asks kenny to run checks on nurses and cleaners. She doesn't see Villanelle.

Villanelle waits for MI6 to arrive but is gravely disappointed when Jess gets out of the car alone.

Eve and Hugo go out to eat together. Hugo wonders if The Ghost excites her because she seems a little tweaked. He wanted the job for the same reason. He continues talking about Villanelle, and the two almost kiss. OMG.

They found her -- the Ghost.

Villanelle is at a rave club doing drugs and escaping. But it doesn't work. The drugs backfire and she's not happy waiting in line for the bathroom. When an ugly chick flips her off after Villanelle wondered if she doesn't have any manners, Villanelle follows her to the toilet, beats her and strangles her with an audience. Konstantin get in there, grabs Villanelle and tosses her over his shoulder.

Eve finds money on the ground and holds it up acting very sweet. She's with the ghost who now has a laser cite on her forehead. Eve wonders if she'd like them to shoot her in front of her kids.

Villanelle is horribly hungover. At the foot of her bed is Konstantin.

Carolyn watches Eve through the glass and gets entertained with Eve staring at herself in the mirror. Villanelle is doing the same thing in her hotel mirror, but she's crying. 

Carolyn breaks Eve's reverie. Is she ready?

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Konstantin: This kind of work makes a lot of money.
Villanelle: It's boring.
Konstantin: Then make it fun. Show Eve Polastri how what she's missing, eh? Show her how boring this other woman is comparing to you.

Hugo: Is Gweneth Paltrow's head in a box here somewhere or...
Eve: I'll put your head in a box.