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Seg asks Adam if the cape really belongs to his grandson and if that's the truth, why isn't he there. Adam explains that his grandson is a big deal back in his time and explains how he came to Krypton.

Despite Adam's story, Seg says that he can't help him. Adam stresses that Brainiac is approaching and that this is more than just saving Seg's grandson.

Adam gets a ride back to Kandor as Seg is focused on avenging his parents. Adam wants to help Seg.

Seg takes off as he runs into a couple of guards who are still looking for him. They arrest him and take him back to the House of Vex.

He is taken to Nyssa who hands him his new uniform with her family crest. Seg is taken to Daron and the mysterious Judge.

Lyta and Jayna have an argument about Seg as her mother doesn't understand why she keeps defending the rankless so much. Lyta goes to see Seg to see how he is holding up.

Seg admits that he understands that the death of his parents wasn't her doing. But he does still struggle to accept that it was her mother who killed them.

Seg asks Daron if they can perform traditional funeral methods, but Daron denies his request. Daron reflects on the history of the House of El and Vex, specifically Val-El.

Adam goes to see Kem before Seg shows up and Kem is asking for clarification on what the heck is going on. Seg decides to let Adam prove himself.

When they initially don't find anything out in the space system, Seg has had enough. Kem urges him to not throw away this, but Seg doesn't think he has anything to lose.

Nyssa hands Seg the remains of his parents, saying that everyone deserves to give a proper goodbye to their lost ones. In the meantime, Kem and Adam are working together.

Seg goes back to the Fortress and drops his blood into the family crest that begins to activate. The Fortress begins to activate as Val appears in front of him. But it's not Val exactly, it's a hologram.

Vall tells Seg about the Fortress, the work he used to do and Brainiac. Seg goes back to the House of Vex as he has decided to not join their rank.

As Daron is about to confront Seg, the mysterious Judge appears to tell that he accept Seg's demands. 

Seg regroups with Kem and Adam who reveals that Brainiac is not on his way to Krypton. He is already here.

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