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The Voice of Rao is greeted by one of his followers as he is getting ready for a new day. At the Fortress, Val, Seg, and Adam are still looking for Brainiac since the Sentry incident.

Jayna confronts Lyta about losing several Sagataris and orders her to be reviewed. While on a walk, Seg feels like he and Adam are being followed.

The Voice of Rao is trying to grace the people of Kandor, but the citizens are furious with him. The voice goes to Daron and tells that someone needs to take responsibility for the failure of the military.

Lyta makes her case to the council until Daron interrupts and has Lyta arrested for treason for conspiring with Black Zero. At the bar, Kem's sister's daughter is told by Seg about what is going on with her mom.

Kem hears of what happened to Lyta and tells Seg. Seg goes to see Lyta but Dev won't allow him. Jayna breaks up their fight and tells Seg to stay away from Lyta.

Seg goes to Nyssa to ask what happened to Lyta. Nyssa isn't too thrilled why he wants to save Lyta as Seg explains to her that he loves Lyta.

He tries to figure out a plan to get Lyta's name cleared. Adam tells him that he needs to think of what is at stake here, but Seg refuses to listen.

As Seg walks away, a couple of Sagataris stuns him as they have been following him. Jayna goes to see Lyta to help her in any way possible.

She still thinks that Lyta is protecting Seg and that she is here because of him. Nyssa arrives and tells Jayna to leave as she is here to be Lyta's advocacy.

Seg wakes up with the squad around him as he sees one of them pulling out some parasite. They put the creature on the top of his head as it goes inside his nose.

Lyta finds out that Nyssa was sent by Seg to help her. Meanwhile, Seg is greeted by the new Black Zero operative that Jayna was tracking.

The man tells him that Seg isn't here to be tortured but to be tested. The bug was trying to kill Brainiac's sentry and see if it was inside of Seg.

Seg questions who the man is and how he knows about Brainiac. The man laughs at Seg when he is accused of being with Black Zero.

The man insists that he isn't working with Black Zero at all. Seg tells him what the sentry was doing to Brainiac.

He admits that the sentry is still alive in the host. Nyssa confronts Daron as he and Kol-Da apparently worked together behind everyone's backs.

The mystery man reveals to Seg that he has a history with Val. The two make a deal to help one another as the man wants to destroy the sentry and stop Brainiac.

Things get intense when Ona tries to offer the Voice of Rao a gift for her mother's sake. The voice accepts the gift and offers Ona's mother peace in the afterlife.

Adam returns to the Fortress, but don't find Seg there at all. Ona's mom wakes up and tries to tell Adam something before she passes away.

Seg tries to escape and fights one of the mystery man's soldiers. He uses the parasite to paralyze her so he can escape.

Jayna is told by Nyssa what she needs to do in order to get Lyta sparred. Kem's niece hosts a praying session together with the Voice and citizens.

Later in the evening, the Voice is infected by Ona's gift as there was something inside of it from Brainiac. In the outlands, a bleeding Seg walks into the snow.

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Krypton Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I have always wanted a droid, a really sassy one like R2D2.


Nyssa: Why do you want to save Lyta-Zod?
Seg: I love her!
Nyssa: Was that so hard?