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A man wearing gloves (we don't see his face) orders a woman to give him her toothbrush and to count backwards from 60 before coming out of the bathroom. He puts on a timer and goes. In the bathroom, the woman looks in the mirror and cries.

Rollins gets a call from the dog walker that her dog peed on the carpet and is about to rush home to take care of the situation when another woman, Savannah Ross, comes in and says she was raped. 

Meanwhile, Benson is being grilled by the DA, Michelle, about what happened to Noah. She is annoyed by being subjected to the same tactics she uses on perps, especially when Michelle questions her about whether seeing a shrink after her kidnapping helped her or not. Benson tells Michelle that once she realized she was going to survive Lewis' attack, she decided she wanted more out of life and that's why she adopted Noah. She didn't do anything wrong except take her eyes off him for a second because she was on the phone. She gets a call from Fin about the new case and asks if they're done so she can leave.

Savannah tells Rollins that the perp made her shower and that the rape happened two weeks ago, so going to the hospital is not going to help. She asks about a housing voucher so that she doesn't have to stay in the apartment where she was raped.

The cops check out Savannah's apartment and find she was behind on her bills and rent. They also find pictures of her with some guy named Nick Collins, who runs a dating service. Nick says Savannah is like a sister to him and suggests they talk to her employer about a guy who was bothering her.

Rollins and Carisi visit the bakery Savannah used to work at. He tells her he fired her for lateness and she told him she was raped. He took her around the corner to the 21st Precinct.

A detective at the 21st says he didn't call SVU because Savannah made up the whole thing. Benson questions Savannah further and she says she was a foster kid who was sexually abused in many of her foster homes. Rollins talks to one of the foster mothers, who says Savannah slept with her son when they were almost 18 and when she reported it the social worker said Savannah had to be moved. Savannah then turned around and accused the boy of rape, but there were text messages proving that wasn't the case.

Rollins tells Benson that she thinks Savannah made up the new rape because she couldn't afford her apartment just like she made up rape stories to save her job and the foster placement she wanted. Benson is skeptical but Rollins thinks her judgment is clouded by the investigation into her treatment of Noah.

Benson questions Savannah further and implies she is making up the rape. Savannah says she is telling the truth but people like Benson never believe people like her. Benson encourages her not to have a victim mentality.

Later, the detectives get a call from a Nancy Burns who was raped in the same manner Savannah described, by an assailant wearing a Prince Charming mask who made her shower and brush her teeth afterwards. Mrs. Burns uses an inhaler because she has asthma and says the rapist took a break from forcing kisses on her to let her use it. Sonny realizes the assailant's DNA might be on the inhaler. 

Benson and Rollins keep trying to get ahold of Savannah but she is ignoring their calls. Meanwhile, Rollins tells Benson that she found out that Cassidy was responsible for ordering the investigation into Noah's bruises.

Benson confronts Cassidy, who claims he was trying to tell the DA what a great mother and resilient person Benson is. She angrily tells him not to try to help her anymore and storms off. 

A witness comes forward who says a man attacked her in her apartment a while ago, but a male friend was there and stabbed the assailant with a knife. The weird thing was that she had signed a petition right before the attack and afterwards one of the canvassers recognized her. She thinks that canvasser might have been the assailant, as he was on crutches.

Benson finally sees Savannah at her apartment. Savannah is angry at first but when Benson apologizes she quickly forgives her. Benson asks her if she signed a petition recently. It turns out all three victims did, on different issues -- and only one company has advocated for all three causes.

The investigation leads to a man named Tommy WIlliams. Carisi and Fin visit his apartment and encounter his mother, a strange woman who is overly friendly but gets very angry when Carisi makes some crumbs after she offers them a snack. The woman is also wearing a bracelet that the rapist stole from Nancy, and Fin finds the list of petition signers in the bedroom, with the victims' names starred as well as one other victim who hasn't been attacked yet. Tommy's mother objects to them touching his things but Carisi has a warrant.

The cops go to the new victim's apartment and find her being held at gunpoint. Tommy runs away when confronted by Benson and Rollins with guns. Rollins chases after him while Benson tends to the victim and radios for more backup.

Tommy is cornered by Rollins on a rooftop. She very nearly talks him into surrender, but he gets upset when she mentions his mom and jumps onto another rooftop. Fin and Carisi join the chase and Carisi almost catches Tommy after Tommy drops his gun. Tommy almost falls off the roof and Carisi grabs him, but Tommy pulls away and falls to his death. Benson comforts Carisi.

Rollins has lunch with Savannah and apologizes for not believing her. She tells her Benson has pulled some strings to make sure the city pays for a new apartment for her for a few months.

At home, Benson watches cartoons with Noah. Fin calls and Noah asks if it's work calling. Benson decides not to answer the phone.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 2 Quotes

Rollins: We really should get you to the hospital.
Savannah: Why?
Rollins: There's this thing called a rape kit. It can give us traces of the rapist's DNA.
Savannah: He made me shower for a long time. I heard this ticking. I don't think they're going to find anything.

Michelle: Cards on the table. When they found William Lewis, you'd beaten him to a bloody pulp.
Olivia: When I finally got to the other side, when I knew I was gonna live, I was gonna be okay, I realized I wanted more. More than the job. More than the relationship. The reason I fought so hard was for Noah. And I hadn't even met him yet. The thing I'm guilty of is I was distracted. I was on the phone. I took my eyes off him for one second. That's what I did wrong.