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We see a bubbly high school student named Mandy creating various vlogs about her life as a high school sophomore, hanging out with friends, etc. They all laugh and giggle about the boys they have crushes on and Mandy's friend Stacey teases her about a boy named Andrew. They are all planning to go to a party.

Then, in a more somber blog, Mandy says she is done with her school and her "so-called friends" after someone wrote derogatory names on her at the party while she was passed out. Rollins tells Benson that this blog was found on her computer after she disappeared. Her parents are waiting and say they think they shouldn't have let her make vlogs but she was so proud of them so they did.

Taru determines that Mandy took photos and posted them on a social media app that only keeps them on for a few minutes. She was talking to someone in New Jersey on this app. While the cops are looking at it, Mandy makes a live video in which she says she has run away and is never coming back and that she apologizes to her parents. She is wearing heavy makeup and a nose ring.

Taru traces the video to an address in Newark and the cops go to collect Mandy. Mandy says she lives there now but Benson breaks the news to her that 15 year olds can't make those kinds of decisions. The guy, Ethan, tells them that Mandy was raped at the party.

Mandy's parents are shocked as the party was all Honors students and one of them, Andrew, has been her best friend since 1st grade. The boys are interviewed and Andrew says he and Mandy are not really that close and they should talk to her friend Stacey, as Mandy and Stacey had some sort of fight right before Mandy ran away.

Stacey admits she is worried about Mandy but says Mandy swore her to secrecy or the friendship is over. She says she left the party early and that she doesn't know what happened.

Mandy tells Benson that all she remembers is smoking a joint. Later, Max admits to drawing on Mandy and taking the photos and Andrew admits that he kissed Mandy. Mandy says she remembers not liking the kiss. Andrew admits that he and Mandy made out and had sex, which he insists was consensual.

The boys are arrested in their classroom. The other two boys cut deals. Mandy doesn't want to testify because she is being bullied at school. She makes a new vlog saying she's happy and is just going to forget what happened to her.

Rollins and Benson rush over and Mandy is resistant to talking until Rollins tells her about her own experiences and shows her she got her name tattooed on her arm so that she wouldn't forget who she is when she was being bullied. Benson tells Mandy she is not alone. Mandy breaks down and cries.

Rollins and Benson don't think Mandy is psychologically ready to testify yet. Barba says they don't have time to wait. He plans to move ahead with the case anyway but Max backs out of his deal because other boys beat him up. He says he did deserve being beaten because he took those photos, and that Andrew liked Mandy too much.

Benson asks Mandy, who admits she texted Andrew after being told not to communicate with him. The texts show Andrew apologizing for the rape.

Andrew pleads guilty and confesses in court. After, Mandy asks Benson to come to her school to do an assembly. Benson's happiness at this is ruined by her getting a notice that Noah's grandmother is trying to question Benson's fitness as a parent.

At the assembly, Benson has everyone close their eyes and stand up if they have been bullied, sexually assaulted, victim of violence, etc. Almost everyone stands up. A girl shares her story. Stacey apologizes to Mandy for not supporting her and hopes they can repair their friendship.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 4 Quotes

Okay, Andrew, look, I've been doin' this a long time. I don't ask questions I don't already know the answers to.


Rollins: Hey, I'm sorry to drag you in here. I know you left early to be with Noah -
Benson: No, it's fine.
Rollins: Hey, is everything all right at home?
Benson: Yeah, fine. Let's talk to the parents.