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An elementary school class is on a field trip to the museum when a child finds a woman lying underneath a dinosaur exhibit. The teacher shouts for someone to call 911.

SVU is told that the woman was raped. Her tox screen was negative.

Benson comes into the room with the woman, Laurel, who at first refuses to talk. Laurel eventually says she does not remember anything about her rape.

Later on, Laurel says her attacker wore aftershave like her father. She tells Benson about cheetahs and antelopes and how the cheetahs are stupid to keep remaining on the plain when the antelope will always try to catch them. Benson tries to reassure her that her rape wasn't her fault. She doesn't believe her. Laurel eventually says she met a guy in a bar, they went to his apartment, and he raped her. She says she saw scissors and wished she could stab him.

Fin and Carisi investigate and a bartender tells them that a man named Greg Harvey left with Laurel. Benson asks Laurel about Greg Harvey and she becomes agitated.

Fin and Carisi enter Greg's apartment and find he is dead. Someone stabbed him with a pair of scissors. The prints on the scissors are Laurel's.

Laurel's sister Leah is a lawyer so she agrees to represent Laurel. Laurel rambles and refuses her advice. She keeps talking about their father. She reveals that she saw him rape Leah when they were kids. Benson tries to reach out to Leah but she insists that she is fine and that she is done with this whole thing. She goes.

Benson continues to interview Laurel. Laurel claims that her father raped her too, that he got into bed with her. She says Benson knows because Benson's father did the same thing. Benson tells Laurel that she never knew her father. Laurel starts in on Benson being sad and wondering why her father didn't love her.

Barba thinks Benson knows what she is doing, though Fin wants to shut this down.

Benson tells Laurel about how her father had a box of articles about her but never knew her. She tells her about Simon and how it wasn't fair that Simon had two parents and she had nothing but a drunk, and that her father committed suicide. She says that it was sad that her father never tried to get to know her, but then again he was a scumbag rapist.

Fin wants to shut this down and tries to come in but Benson won't leave and when he goes she shuts the blinds to shut him out.

Laurel mentions that it's sad that Benson's father never bought her little gifts. Benson asks her to tell her again about the night he raped her. Laurel says they were lovers and she wasn't scared. Benson realizes Laurel made this whole thing up.

Laurel cries that she wanted her father to love her and that it wasn't fair that he raped her sister and not her. She confesses to killing Greg Harvey after he was asleep.

Rollins and Fin arrest Laurel. Benson sits in the interrogation room alone, near tears.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 7 Quotes

Laurel: You know what I remember? That stupid National Geographic special, the antelope going after the cheetah, sinking his teeth into his flesh... I was thinking about the animals that got away. You'd think they'd learn, but there they are the next day, going across the plains...
Benson: Laurel, I want you to know that this is a very common first reaction, to blame yourself. But it's wrong.
Laurel: Not to the cheetah, it's not.

Benson: Hello, Laurel. Is it okay if I join you over there? [after no response] Can I call you Laurel? I understand that you might have been raped. That's okay. We have plenty of time, when you're ready we can talk -
Laurel: What's the point? You'll never catch him.
Benson: What makes you say that?
Laurel: Because I can't remember a damn thing.