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Benson watches as Sheila puts Noah to bed. Noah asks for a stuffed animal, Eddie, and Sheila doesn't know which one it is. Benson shows her.

Later, while Benson and Sheila are talking in the kitchen, Benson gets a call and has to go to work. Sheila is disappointed to find out that Benson has already called her regular sitter to watch Noah.

At the crime site, a 15 year old girl has died of heroin laced with fentanyl. She has no ID and her prints and DNA are not in the system but eventually a drug dealer IDs her as Natalie Curtis.

Natalie lived in a residential rehab center for girls with drug problems. The head of the center, Dr. Barclay, claims he didn't file a report when Natalie ran away because he has learned that nobody does anything when he reports any of his girls missing. He introduces Fin and Carisi to his social worker, Rosemary, who appears to be the only person who cares that Natalie is dead. Another resident, Kristi, starts screaming that no one should send their kids here. The detectives are told this is an effect of her detoxing from  heroin.

Natalie turns out to have been two months pregnant. Dr. Barclay insists it is impossible that she was impregnated in his facility and is uncooperative about handing over records even though the parents have signed a waiver. In court, his lawyer successfully argues that the parents are not the ones who must give permission, as the facility itself was made her guardian via the contract. Barba advises Rollins to find another way to get the proof she needs.

Rollins goes to Rosemary and pretends to want to work with her in the center. Rosemary gives her info about the residents as well as about opioid addiction and the use of Narcan to reverse overdoses.

Rollins returns with evidence that the facility is committing insurance fraud, but Benson says it's unusable because Rollins performed an illegal search. She decides to question Rosemary's old assistant, who says that he quit because he likes to smile once in awhile. He tells the detectives about a sober living facility in Brooklyn where many of the girls go after leaving treatment.

At the sober living, Carisi sees one of the girls he interviewed at the facility but she is hostile. In another room, a man is found having sex with a sixteen year old. He is arrested but he cannot be prosecuted because he is only three years older than the girls and because there is no case law stating that giving a 15 year old sex in exchange for drugs constitutes rape.

In desperation, the detectives go to Rosemary, who is disappointed to find out Rollins is not an aspiring social worker. She has her doubts that anything wrong is going on inside the facility.

Barclay and his lawyer are brought in to discuss the insurance fraud. He claims that the cops' case is not winnable because all their witnesses are unstable and on drugs so no jury will believe them.

Rollins gets a call from Rosemary and says something isn't right. They rush over to find Rosemary has poisoned Barclay with a fatal overdose of Fetanyl that is immune to Narcan because of its strength.

The next morning, Benson has to go to work again but this time she lets Sheila babysit.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 6 Quotes

Benson: ME says the heroin was laced with Fentyanol. That's what killed her.
Rollins: Search of the trash nearby didn't turn up her ID or cell phone.
Benson: I don't suppose there were any prints?
Rollins: Nothing we can use. DNA's not in the system, either.
Benson: It's the saddest thing. A dead Jane Doe.

Benson: So how are you liking New York?
Sheila: It's interesting.
Benson: I'm sure.[phone rings] Excuse me. [into phone] Benson. Okay. I'll be right there. [hangs up]
Sheila: Is everything okay?
Benson: It's just a work thing.
Sheila: Oh. I'd be happy to stay with Noah.
Benson: Thanks, but I'm already calling Lucy.
Sheila: I understand.