On Law & Order: Season 17 Episode 19, Carisi's eyes are opened in more than one way when he goes undercover at a local homeless shelter to catch a rapist.

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Law & Order: Season 17 Episode 19 revolves around a serial rapist who is likely operating out of a local homeless shelter. When a young woman is raped in the lobby of her apartment building by a masked man with a knife, Benson realizes the perp is likely the same one who has attacked three other women using a similar MO. The victim's father is sure that the rapist comes from a local homeless shelter because there are sex offenders at the shelter.

Carisi goes undercover at the shelter to check things out. His cover is that he was arrested for possession of child porn. He attends a mandatory therapy group where one of the other residents, Richie, gets on him, telling him that people who watch child porn support someone else raping a child. The therapist praises Richie for pushing "Smitty" (Carisi's pseudonym) to take responsibility for his actions.

Carisi and Richie strike up a friendship after the latest victim's father thinks he's one of the sex offenders from the shelter and tries to beat him with a baseball bat and Richie fights them off. When evidence suggests Richie may be the rapist, Carisi defends him. But as the investigation continues, it's discovered that similar rapes occurred a year ago at a different shelter. There were only two residents who lived at both shelters, and one of them was Richie.

Was Richie the actual rapist or was it someone else? Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 19 online to find out.

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On Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 19, Carisi goes undercover at a homeless shelter when a homeless man is a suspect in several neighborhood rapes.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 19 Quotes

You people know about this homeless shelter full of deviants?

Sophie's dad

Or we can get your PO officers down here, check your calendars and a spot check for drugs.