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Hope struggles to make sense of Landon and Josie, so she decides to leave Mystic Falls behind. 

As she gets ready to leave, Landon pops up and asks her to stay because he loves her. 

We pull out to reveal it is Simu-Landon and that the real Landon is still on the fence about who to choose. 

But the three unite. 

Josie and Landon speak to Vardemus, who says that they can use the fake Landon to close Malivore. 

Ultimately, though, that doesn't work, and Josie returns to Vardemus and he tells her to channel her rage into a trinket, effectively making a dark object. 

Clarke then tries to kill Hope to steal her tribrid side, but Hope uses his ring to get away from him, ultimately throwing herself out of a window to escape his clutches. 

Faux Landon shows up and is stabbed. Clarke goes into the fake one and disintegrates. 

Landon leaves town as Josie says she and Hope can be friends again. 

Alaric and Dorian learn that the worst is yet to come and that they should be afraid as the Sphinx does a disappearing act. 

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Legacies Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Josie: I hate myself for having to ask you this, but cut to the chase. Who are you going to choose?
Landon: I still don't know because I am not him. I'm a prismatic hologram from your subconscious. I only know what you know. You have to find out what he knows.
Josie: Yeah, but he's holed up in the library doing research, and avoiding everything.

Vardemus: As crazy ideas go, this one certainly takes the cake.
Josie: But, it could work, right?
Vardemus: I suppose it could. However, it would require a certain level of black magic and I know how your father feels about practicing such sorcery.
Josie: It's life or death.