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Lizzie turns to Hope to let her know she knows the truth about who she is. Hope is ecstatic because she thinks things will get better. 

However, the pair are taken to the 1980s and a woman tells them they are trapped in the labyrinth with no way out. 

She then said they could choose one of them to take her place, and the other could go home without the other. 

Hope decided to sacrifice herself, but Lizzie returned and saved her. The pair managed to kill the monster and the woman got to make an escape. 

When they returned to the school Landon and Josie were kissing and preparing to have sex. 

They went to their room and Josie found Landon's diary which revealed all the things he wrote about Hope. 

Alaric played nice with Vardemus, but things took a turn when Vardemus was revealed to be Clarke in disguise, and he killed the woman from the game. 

Sebastian tried to manipulate MG and Kaleb into bringing him back, but they decided against it. Sebastian then killed Wade to get out. 

Alaric confronted Josie about getting him fired, and she said she wanted her father to have a normal life. 

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Legacies Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Okay, squad. We have a problem.


Rafael: I thought Malivore could only release one monster at a time.
Hope: Yeah, that's what we all thought.