David's Journey - Legion
"Chapter 21"

On Legion Season 3 Episode 2, David Haller begins to prepare to go upon an important journey during "Chapter 21" of Legion.

Gaining a Following - Legion
"Chapter 20"

On Legion Season 3 Episode 1, as things continue to move forward, David begins to gain a following during "Chapter 20," the season premiere.

"Chapter 19"

On Legion Season 2 Episode 11, David is forced into making a decision that could change everything as he fights against the future in "Chapter 19."

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Reunion, Ruination and Rage - Legion
"Chapter 18"

On Legion Season 2 Episode 10, David takes action against the Shadow King, while Lenny embarks on a journey, and Syd deals with the unpredictable Melanie.

Inner Demons - Legion
"Chapter 17"

On Legion Seaon 2 Episode 9, David discovers that he must confront his inner demons before they begin to take control and take over in "Chapter 17."

Syd and David - Legion
"Chapter 16"

On Legion Season 2 Episode 8, Clark approaches Syd about her relationship with David and what it means for the future as the path forward is revealed.

Leading To Disaster - Legion
"Chapter 15"

On Legion Season 2 Episode 7, yet another delusion starts out like any other idea, but as it continues it eventually ends in disaster on Chapter 15.

Multple Worlds - Legion
"Chapter 14"

On Legion Season 2 Episode 6, Madness will visit Division Three as David Haller begins to explore the theory multiple worlds on "Chapter 14."

An Uneasy Reunion - Legion
"Chapter 13"

On Legion Season 2 Episode 5, when a reunion finally occurs it turns out to be uneasy and it leads to a shocking truth being revealed on "Chapter 13."

David Is Tested - Legion
"Chapter 12"

On Legion Season 2 Episode 4, David finds himself being tested once again as he thinks he might be caught in a loop of his own life in Chapter 12.

Legion Quotes

Something new needs to happen - soon.


David: It's just Thursday. Like the 260th Thursday as a passenger on the cruise ship "Mental Health." On the plus side I've mastered eating with a spoon.
Amy: You're getting better. The voices - you're not seeing things that aren't there?